Let’s face it, many people have the goal to be financially independent in retirement.

The real question is, how do you achieve that goal?

Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) refers to accomodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including to assist with the delivery of supports that cater for their extreme functional impairment or verh high support needs.

The SDA scheme has been designed to address the chronic undersupply of suitable high quality housing for participants as as a result supports a form of government funding that provides an income stream to an investor who has constructed or purchased an SDA property.


Australasian Developments creates innovative SDA packages to suit the investor's needs.

The quality of the property creates demand from the participant, which allows high yields for the investor.

Multiple incomes from one property.  With SDA approval on all 4 categories.  This can allow the investor the ability to pay down their mortage sooner to be debt free.


Our properties are perfectly designed for:

An owner occupier to live in with a disabled family member,

Investor to rent out through a government registered provider

Can be resold as a normal home with high quality finishes.


Australasian Developments SDA Homes meet all SDA NDIS' categories!

  1. Improved Liveability
  2. Fully Accessible
  3. Robust
  4. High Physical Support

SDA homes with all SDA NDIS' categories provide the investor the opportunity to achieve higher returns.


Sustainable homes are healthy homes 

Where possible we us sustainable products and design elements that promote family health.

  • High quality inclusions
  • High energy efficiency
  • Designed to minimise external noise transmission
  • Designed with zoned temperature control
  • Designed with 2700mm high ceilings
  • Floor to ceiling windows, grey tinted, UV reflective
  • Solar power - battery back up
  • Minimal maintenance


Australasian Developments' SDA homes are constructed with high quality elements with an engineered concrete structure to protect against:




Termites (Termite protection is not required)

Minimal maintenance


All Australasian Developments' SDA Homes are healthy homes with features as:

  • Innovative designs both externally and internally
  • Flowing open plans designs to promote balanced family living
  • Creation of comfortable family environments
  • Neutral tones that blend with your lifestyle
  • Many more inclusions adding value to the home.


Peace of mind is about managing your SDA investment property the right way!

Australasian Developments' recognise the property management of your SDA home is important.

We intend to make your investment a favourable experience!

We can introduce you to a government registered SDA Provider who will take care of all your property management needs from property registration, certification, compliance, tenancy placement, landscaping, maintanence, to income reporting and payment into your account.


Now taking Expression of Interest (EOI) for our SDA home packages.

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